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The Web Design Process

What We Need to Get Started

Below, is what we require to build your new website. If you need content writing, logo design or branding help, let us know in the form below and our team will be happy to help you with this process. 

Domain Name & Hosting

If you have an existing domain name and hosting company, please provide the login credentials. If you don’t have one yet, let us know and we can help with this process.


Website Page Names

List the names of the pages you want on your website preferably in layout order. If you’re not sure how to order them, we can help with this.



If you have your website’s content ready, forward that to us. If not, our professional content writer can help take what you have to say and write it in such a way that resonates with your clients and ranks well in the search engines.

Example Website

Please provide a link to the website or template that you would like your new website to look and feel like. We will take everything you love about that sample site and build that into your new website, recreating the same look and feel – only with your content, images and branding.

Branding Information

This encompasses colours and font choices consistent with your current branding. Colours should be in hexidecimal format. Need a guide? Take a look at Adobe Color.


A light and dark version of your logo in a png or svg format. Don’t have a logo designed yet? Talk to our graphic design team who’d be happy to design one for you.


If images need to be purchased or taken, we will use placeholder images during the build process and replace with final images once obtained. Good quality, high-res images are needed.

Contact Person Information

It is important to have one person from your company be the contact person who has the authority to make decisions about this web design project. We need that person’s name, email and phone number.

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