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Step #1

Fast Web Design Services

What We Need

We are 100% committed to completing your website on time.  In order to provide fast web design, we need all Step #1  assets in our possession.

Website Example

A link to a website or template that you would like your website to look and feel like. 


Website Page Names

List of website page names in the order you want them on your site. If you’re not sure, we can help with that.

Branding Information

A company branding bible if you have one or a list of colors, in hexadecimal numbers that you would like to use. If you have a logo ready, please provide a dark and light version in a png or svg format.

Domain & Web Hosting

You will need a domain name and hosting plan from a company like Hostpapa. Forward the login and password. Not sure what to do? We can help with this step.


Website Content

If you have written content, organize by web page and forward. Need help writing your content? Let us know.

Contact Person

Provide the name, email and phone number of the one person who is able to make decisions on all aspects of this project.

Step #2

Logo & Images

It is the customer’s responsibility to find, purchase and send images.


If not provided with Step #1 assets, please provide a light and dark version of your logo in a png or svg format. If you prefer to use text for your logo, let us know if you have a font preference.


If you need to purchase images, we will use placeholder images during the build and replace with bought images near the completion of the web build.

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